On-Campus Marketing Resources

Student Organization Fair

For information about the Student Organization Fair, please visit  http://www.cfli.wisc.edu/org_fair_signup.htm

Mass Email and CfLI Buzz Newsletter

Mass Email and CfLI Buzz

Mass Email to Students

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) may send one email per semester to all students (or a specific population of students) at a reduced rate of $100. For more information, go to our RSO Mass Email Request Form (also found on the CfLI Homepage). 

A couple of important things to note:


  • It takes 8 business days to process requests, so please plan ahead.
  • The cost is $100 and can be paid for by credit card, cash or check to CfLI or a Funding String.  Requests will not be processed until a payment is received.
  • These emails must be plain text only – no graphics, font colors, etc. of any kind.


CfLI Buzz

The CfLI Buzz newsletter is a weekly email sent to all RSO Primary Contacts. Others can subscribe (link at bottom of email) or go to http://cfli.wisc.edu/buzz.htm. You can also post your own announcements! This communication option is ideal for student organization announcements, training opportunities, upcoming events and reminders.




WIN and other Campus Calendars

WIN and Other Campus Calendars

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) are able to post events on campus calendars as a way to advertise what’s going on with your group.

Wisconsin Involvement Network (WIN)

You can post events in the Wisconsin Involvement Network. You can decide if you want the event to be visible to:

  • Anyone on the WIN site (public)
  • Anyone logged in with their UW NetID and password (campus)
  • Just members of your organization
  • Only people you invite to the event


WIN Event Management and Guidelines

WIN Event Management Video: Part 1

WIN Event Management Video: Part 2


UW Campus Calendar

University Departments and Registered Student Organizations are able to submit an event to the Campus Events Calendar


University Communications

University Communications produces several high-visibility print and online products used to communicate with the campus community, the news media and other audiences. Click here to submit your news or story idea.




Posting, Chalking and Leafletting

Posting, Chalking, and Leafletting

Registered Student Organizations use a variety of ways to get the word out about organization meetings and events.  If your organization would like to put up posters on campus, chalk announcements on campus, or hand out leaflets to students, please see below for pointers and policies.


Posting on campus is limited to general bulletin boards and kiosks. In campus buildings, the posting of fliers and posters is only allowed on bulletin boards. In most cases departmental bulletin boards are maintained and regulated by individuals in the department's main office or sometimes the caretaker of the bulletin board is listed on the bulletin board itself. In "general use" buildings (Memorial Union, etc.), consult regulations posted on the board or contact the public service information desk. Ask about approval to post in various buildings.

DO NOT post fliers or signs on the following:
  • Telephone poles
  • Light poles
  • Garbage cans
  • Sidewalks
  • Stairs/steps
  • Fences
  • Trees
  • Buildings
  • Bascom Hill (without a reservation, Policy G-2)

Posting of fliers or signs in any of the places listed above is a violation of UWS Administrative code 18.08(9)(a). It is also a violation of Madison Ordinance 23.02 and carries a $68.75 fine per occurrence. DO NOT destroy or deface other organizations' posters.

University Housing Posting

Current University Housing posting policies, procedures, and regulations.


DO NOT chalk on the following:

  • University buildings
  • Courtyard areas
  • Vertical surfaces
  • Arch of bridge walkways
  • Lakeshore Path
  • Underneath any overhang

DO NOT use paint, oil-based chalk, indelible markers or spray chalk.

RSOs who choose to chalk notices on sidewalks or streets should cooperate promptly with any University or Madison Police requests for identification and information about the chalking activity. Chalking (an act of writing or drawing messages using chalk) is illegal by law. The UW Administrative Code 18.08(9)(a) and Wisconsin State Statute 943.01 prohibit this activity. However, some chalking is allowed by the UW Police, UW Physical Department and the Dean of Students if the following restrictions are met and followed.

Additional Chalking Restrictions:

  • You can only use a water-based/water-soluble chalk. Oil-based and aerosol chalk will not come off over time of its own accord, nor through daily exposure to the elements; water-based will. Water-based chalk rubs off or smears when you wipe your finger over it.
  • You can only apply the water-based chalk on sidewalks. Marking on a vertical surface requires physical effort to remove it; it will not come off on its own. This means that a Physical Plant employee must spend time and materials to remove it. Student organizations may be fined if Physical Plant has to remove any chalking on vertical surfaces or if water-based chalk was not used.
  • Chalk is only allowed on University sidewalks and University streets.


Leafleting is the process of distributing information in the form of a small (typically ¼ of a page) flier. If you wish to leaflet, you can ask permission from the building manager to distribute materials in the lobby of academic buildings.

DO NOT leaflet in campus classrooms of academic buildings. This activity is a violation of university policies and guidelines; student organizations may be subject to sanctioning under the Policy and Conduct of Registered Student Organizations as a violation of the Student Organization Code of Conduct.




Obtaining Mailing Lists 

To request a mailing list, send an email from your UW email account (not Gmail, etc.) to the Office of the Registrar (datarequest@em.wisc.edu) at least two weeks in advance of your mailing. Include your name, email address, Student Organization, the purpose of your request, billing name and address, the population you are mailing to (all students, undergraduates only, etc.) and the directory data you would like to receive (name, home address, email, etc). There is a flat fee of $35 per list that must be paid prior to the list being released. Prices are subject to change.

Upon approving your request and receiving payment, the Office of the Registrar will send you the list in Excel format to the email address you provided.

Mailing Labels for International Students

If you are trying to contact International students, contact International Student Services (ISS), 217 Red Gym, or by iss@studentlife.wisc.edu. ISS does not provide student information directly to registered organizations due to the confidentiality of information by citizenship, but the office is willing to transfer information electronically from organizations to students. The request should be made at least two weeks before the communication needs to be mailed.

Information by ethnicity and citizenship represents confidential information. Therefore, policies for ensuring confidentiality with respect to information on students of color and international students must be strictly maintained.

University Bulk Mail

To use University Bulk Mail Services, your group must be registered with the Center for Leadership and Involvement (CfLI). Information can be found at UW-Extension Mail Services


Mailbox Stuffers for RSO Mailboxes Located in the SAC

Mailbox stuffers aren't allowed for the SAC mailboxes.  If RSOs are interested in posting information about events or programs they can post flyers on the bulletin board next to the welcome desk on the third floor of the SAC.  For further questions about mailboxes and SAC posting policies please contact the Student Activity Center Governing Board

Using the Campus Mail Service

RSOs and university departments may send mail via campus mail, individually addressed with the individual name and the individual’s room number and building name. Businesses, non-profit organizations, non-university departments and other student groups which are not RSOs must send their mail via U.S. mail, individually addressed.