RSO International Travel

As a registered student organization, you may at some time wish to plan and take an organizational trip to another country.  If this is the case for your organization, here are some resources to help you plan and execute a successful trip abroad.


Planning to Travel Abroad

Before traveling abroad, there are many questions to answer and tasks to complete.  Below is a small list of things to consider as your organization begins planning a trip abroad.


Some Questions:

  • How does this trip contribute to your organization's mission?
  • What are the goals of this trip?
  • What do you want your members to learn/experience during the trip?
  • Do you truly need to travel abroad to accomplish these goals?  Are there comparable opportunities in this country?


Tasks to complete before traveling:

  • Develop an Itinerary for trip
  • Develop a Budget
  • Secure funding through grants, fundraisers, personal funds
  • Check in with the U.S. Department of State for travel warnings
  • Enroll in CISI Insurance
  • Prepare an orientation on international travel and specifics of the trip for members traveling
  • Ensure all participants has all needed documentation for international travel
  • Collect Emergency Contact and Health information for all participants and make copies to take with you as well as leave with a contact person not traveling
  • Create a "What to Pack" list including suggested amount of money to bring
  • Ensure participants have the needed immunizations
  • Determine a method of contacting someone at UW in case of emergency
  • Fill out the CSA Travel Registry form


Topics to cover in the Orientation:

  • Goals and outcomes from the trip
  • Itinerary including dates and locations
  • Travel details
  • List of needed Immunizations
  • List of needed documentation for travel (Passport, VISA, etc)
  • Information about the country/region you are traveling to including cultural considerations, current events, and any travel tips found for that area
  • "What to Pack" List
  • Discuss how to handle money abroad


While Traveling Abroad:

  • Follow your Itinerary!
  • Check in with U.S. Embassy or Consulate
  • Ensure you have the health and emergency contact information for participants in a secure, but accessible way
  • Have participants journal or record their experiences


After You Return from Abroad:

  • Evaluations and Reflections for participants

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