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Requirement Overview, Sign-up, and General Information

Requirement Overview: 

To fully complete the Badgers Step Up! (BSU!) program and meet the requirement, each attendee must complete all components of the program:

  1. Sign-up for a BSU! Session (See below to find the correct sign-up form.)
  2. Complete the online Pre-Assessment
  3. Sign-in at the BSU! Presentation
  4. Attend the 2-hour Presentation
  5. Complete the online Post-Assessment

Note for RSOs: Any organization that completed the program during the Spring 2016 semester satisfied the requirement for 2016-2017 registration!  RSOs are required to complete BSU! annually as part of the requirements to be recognized on campus.

Sign up for a Badgers Step Up! session:

Two different Badgers Step Up! sessions are offered by the facilitators; one specifically for Registered Student Organizations (RSO) and one for Greek New Members.  Please make sure when signing up for Badgers Step Up! you select the appropriate session.  

Follow the correct link below to access all upcoming BSU! sessions.  Select the date and time that will work with your schedule and select the "Sign-Up" button.  Then select “Submit and Sign up” at the bottom of the page. You will be taken to an additional screen where you will enter your name, email address, and RSO name(s)/Chapter name to confirm the session you selected.

After signing up for a session, the Badgers Step Up! staff will send out individual invitations by email for the pre-test between 24-48 hours ahead of the session. Make sure to complete this pre-test before attending your session.

RSO Badgers Step Up! Session

NOTE: One student can serve as the representative of multiple organizations, but that student is responsible for sharing the information from the session with each organization's officer/leader team.  The student representative at the time of signing into the presentation must list ALL student organizations they are representing at that time.  Additional organizations cannot be added after the session is completed.

New Member Greek Badger Step Up! Session

Greek Men's Sign-Up Link:

Greek Women's Sign-Up Link:

NOTE: While there are similiaries between the Badger Step Up! program for RSOs and the New Member Greek sessions, it is the expectation that a sorority or fraternity still send a member to one of the general RSO sessions.  Only by attending a designated RSO session will the Badgers Step Up! requirement be fulfilled for registering a student organization. 

Description of Badgers Step Up!:

Badgers Step Up! (BSU!) is a student-led 2 hour (with a break) training program.  The program focuses on leadership development, bystander intervention, alcohol education, resources, and UW-Madison policies related to alcohol.  BSU! has two main goals:

  1. To increase student-led prevention and intervention in high-risk alcohol situations
  2. To increase low-risk drinking behaviors on campus through implementation of risk-reduction strategies

Questions about Badgers Step Up?:

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page! 

If you do not find the answer there, please complete the form below and a staff member will get in touch with you shortly.