Car Fleet

Registered Student Organizations are able to utilize University Car Fleet Vehicles by following the instructions in the links and information below. The Office of Risk Management has updated their policy on Fleet Vehicle use for Registered Student Organizations. The new policy and a link to the required training video can be found here.

Fleet Vehicle Rental Rates

Some items to note:

  • You need to be an authorized driver to be able to drive or even make a reservation – and this approval process takes 10 working days. Plan ahead!
  • There is now an official Student Trip Itinerary Form  that must be filled out by your group, approved by the University department that is sponsoring your travel, and submitted to Risk Management before a reservation can be made.
  • Risk Management has provided some helpful guidelines about required numbers of drivers and hours to drive. These will help you plan a safe trip.
  • We recommend going through UW Fleet as their policies are easier to navigate for Student Organizations than the DOA Fleet.
  • If you will be staying overnight at a hotel, motel, residence hall, or other location with which you have an agreement, you must fill out a CSA Travel Registry Form.