DoIT RSO Support

The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) offers several free services to students and Registered Student Organizations on campus.


Organizational Email Account

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) can receive an organizational email address through the Division of Information Technology (DoIT). Email that is sent to the organizational address can be forwarded to up to three student contacts that the RSO designates. Using forwards, designated email contacts for the RSO can respond to the email, but return messages will be sent under the name/address of that student, not the RSO's address. Organizational email accounts are listed as

The advantage of an organization RSO address is that you can choose an address that reflects your organization and will be easier for members or prospective members to remember. If the primary contact person is using the email software provided by DoIT, it is possible to "filter" messages so that messages sent to the organization address can be stored and retrieved separately from messages sent to the personal address of the primary contact person. For help with filtering, more information on email accounts for student organizations, or to set up an account, contact the DoIT RSO computer support person 

To qualify for a student organization email account, your organization must be registered with CfLI, then provide DoIT the following information on the Email Application Form:

  • Registered Student Organization name
  • At least 1 NetID to link the account to
  • 1 email address to have the account forward to (optional)
  • The display name they would like to have on their email (for example: DoIT RSO Support)
  • What they would like their email address to be (ends in

Email Lists (Wisclist)

WiscList is a self service e-mail distribution list system which enables University of Wisconsin-Madison students to create and maintain their own e-mail distribution lists. This list service allows you to choose one email address that reflects the name of your RSO. All messages sent to this address are distributed to RSO members who appear on a list that is created and maintained by the RSO's primary contact person. WiscList membership should be kept up to date by the RSO.

RSOs can set up distribution lists to facilitate group communication and information sharing among group members. To set up a list or for more information, contact the DoIT RSO computer support person.


Computer Training Classes

DoIT’s Software Training for Students (STS) can work with you to develop customized software training just for your RSO. There is no charge for this service as long as registered UW-Madison students are the primary learners and there are at least 8 student participants. STS can:


  • Tailor training content to address your RSO's needs 
  • Help you find training space if you have none available 
  • Create a course as short as 30 minutes or as long as multiple sessions 
  • Offer training in Excel, Access, Dreamweaver, PowerPoint and many other applications 


While STS offers many standard computer classes, we also have staff qualified to teach other topics. For information on setting up a special request class for 8 or more students, fill out the web request form, Software Training for Students. If your RSO needs instruction on a subject not listed among our classes, please contact us.

Office 365 Calendaring System

RSOs can use Office 365 to set up membership and other meetings, let the campus know your events schedule, check member calendars, and even reserve a room and equipment for a meeting. Office 365 is the free campus wide email and calendar program that can access the schedules of all UW-Madison students, faculty and staff.