Wisconsin Involvement Network (WIN)

The Wisconsin Involvement Network (WIN) is an interactive website supported by the CollegiateLink software that allows you to identify, organize and coordinate your out-of-class involvement experiences.

WIN combines a directory of all of the Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) on campus with management tools your organization can use to make your group run more smoothly and keep everything in one convenient place. Your organization’s WIN page can work as a website for your group. You can store documents, run elections, post pictures and events, keep track of your roster – and much more. 

WIN can also be a tool for you to track your own involvement as a student. You can track your student organization memberships and leadership positions, your service hours, and other student experiences (internships, jobs, etc.). All of your involvement opportunities that are tracked in WIN will then show up in your Leadership & Involvement Record.

WIN also has a new phone application called Corq! You can download Corq and have access to student organization and event information at your fingertips!

Click here to go to the WIN page: http://win.wisc.edu

Visit the WIN Trainings and Resources page to learn more.